That’s All Right


The casual observer will peruse the lyrics I have written and deduce that I am a craven misogynist. Not true, obviously. I am a middle-aged white lawyer – what the hell do I have to complain about? My car repair bill? Private college tuitions? (Well, okay, I can wail Freddie King under the table when it comes to that, but I digress.) There are precious few things in life that cause the blues in every man and woman, no matter their race, age, ethnicity, religion, nationality. At the top of that list is love trouble. And in the middle of any love trouble, you can bet that sex is going to have a role.

What this one does is simply point out the obvious. Only one thing matters to a man, and the smart woman uses it to her advantage.

That’s All Right

You’re buying jewelry with my money while you leave the bills unpaid,

I’m toiling in the heat, you got it made in the shade,

But that’s alright, It’s okay.

That’s alright what ya doin,

Cuz you give it to me every day.

There’s dust in every corner and dishes in the sink,

Laundry’s piled up and the garbage sure does stink,

But that’s alright, it’s okay,

That’s alright with me baby,

Cuz you give it to me every day.

You got a gin bottle in the hamper and reefer in your purse,

You got a Oxycontin habit, and your cookin can’t get worse

But that’s alright, I won’t speak,

That’s alright what you do,

Just give it to me once a week.

Now I come home to you baby

but you packed your bags and gone,

I should be broken-hearted, but I knew it all along,

So that’s alright, I’ll try to smile,

That’s alright what you do baby,

Just say hello to me once in a while.


6 Responses to “That’s All Right”

  1. 1 yearzerowriters

    I think it would make a great song. Have you set it to music?

  2. That went as year zero writers. I tried to log out, but it didn’t happen. It’s me, Anne and I’m now logged out.

  3. Nuthin wrong with hearing from a YZW!

    Like all twelve-bar lyrics, you can sing it to any pace, key and mood you want, as long as it’s in a twelve-bar format. So I do what I’m in the mood for!

  4. 4 Phillipa

    Such simple creatures, aren’t they?

  5. Peter, you Dirty Dog.
    Tasty lyrics and I’m lovin’ the blog

  6. 6 Lee

    love it!

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