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One of my old friends runs a PR/Ad agency in Providence called RDW Group. They have the coolest website I’ve ever seen. Go check it out, and expect to fiddle around for at least ten minutes of amusement and glee. Just hover your mouse over the orange dots and start clicking. Under the “Who’s Behind […]

Several months back, I joined a non-profit creative writing center called Grubb Street. As one of the benefits of membership, they offered me a free classified ad in their newsletters. Wonderful, but what to advertise? At the time, I was working on a short story that had a character in a legal entanglement. I actually […]



Now that 100 Stories is released, I am able to post Messenger here. The book is available through Bridge House Publishing (see link below), but there is no US distribution through Amazon yet (bastards) and the postage from UK is almost as much as the book. Crap. ************ He sits with his mother on the […]

Say what you want about the American justice system, but it’s not crazy like this: Joseph Weiler, an NYU law professor who is editor of the European Journal of International Law, has been charged with criminal libel in France by Karin Calvo-Goller, who was displeased with a critical review of her book published in Professor Weiler’s […]

This may become a habit, I don’t know yet, but today I introduce Ms. Sandie Dent. Sandie is one of the favorite (or favourite, if she insists) friends made during my time spent on the Authonomy website. Her blog is always fascinating, not the least of which is because of her haunting films, self-made in […]

My old friend Dean Rohrer was relating a cautionary tale about a friend of his who’s written several incredible manuscripts and yet not met with commercial success. He sent me a link to the fellow’s blog, and I just toured it. The fact that this man is has not found a publisher is a crying […]

All Blues


[This was submitted to a local literature group’s “blue” contest.] “Curacao,” I told her. “Curacao? What the fuck is that?” “A shade of blue.” “Bullshit. It’s some gay liqueur.” “Yah, but it’s blue. Curacao blue.” She rolled her eyes. “It’s not a fucking color name. It’s a blue liqueur. You’re thinking of cerulean.” She passed […]