May I Introduce…


This may become a habit, I don’t know yet, but today I introduce Ms. Sandie Dent. Sandie is one of the favorite (or favourite, if she insists) friends made during my time spent on the Authonomy website. Her blog is always fascinating, not the least of which is because of her haunting films, self-made in her writing shed somewhere in the English countryside.

In this film, she explains the origin of one of her short stories, made for Biggie’s Big Anthology, explained in my earlier post of A Dirty Angel.

Please consider following Sandie. She is a wonderfully talented and charming artist.


6 Responses to “May I Introduce…”

  1. Oh you are a star, Pete – thank you!

    And, of course, one of my favourite Authonomy Finds too.

  2. i am a friend of peter morin’s tho he would deny it emphatically. wanted me to check out your work, my family, noyes began in the english countryside at stonehenge, and also ran the scarboro fair…….i look forward to your art. tx, best, the prof

  3. Thanks Doug. You’re on my Facebook friends list too, via Pete… you’re the musician, if I remember rightly.

    Stonehenge is a beautiful part of the English countryside – moreso because of the ancient history. Fascinating place. Scarborough Fair? Do you play the old Garfunkle song then?

  4. 4 Peter

    Oh good GAWD nooooooo.

  5. Petah,

    Thanks for providing some info on a new-to-me writer. I’m always looking for good blogs with awesome advice and a fresh perspective.

  6. 6 Pete

    I could listen to Sandie’s voice all day long.

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