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For those people who just cannot resist the temptation to hurl epithets at their enemies in on-line communications, the Citizens Media Law Center has just published their legal guide to anonymous and pseudonymous internet speech. This is an invaluable tool for those wishing to keep their identities hidden while they lob verbal grenades at their […]

Okay gang, following up on the theme of absurdities on the internet, the “tips” below are offered to job applicants on their way to a face-to-face interview. These tips are from a certain recruiting firm that handles technology jobs, this one in particular for a large state agency. (Query: why does a large state agency […]

[Note exclamation points – writerly people understand this to be evidence of satire] I was reflecting this morning about my recent experience as a victim of internet phishing, where someone from somewhere used my address book to send a message that I was stranded in UK and needed some money. Everyone who contacted me in […]

Our last post, and Helen Ducal’s comment, reminded me of a sterling example of a judge’s literary acumen. There was a time when many judges took great pride in the literary quality of the opinions they authored. In this opinion, Justice Reardon engages in a sort of rhetorical swordsmanship with the defendant’s lawyer that displays […]

Occasionally, my legal work steers me to a particularly amusing set of facts, which, when stated in the dry and formal language of an appellate judge, inherit an air of absurdity. This one just hit me that way: Ann Marie O’Sullivan vs. Lin and Tai, Inc., 1996 Mass. App. Div. 103 The trial judge’s findings as […]