Legal Guide to Anonymous Speech


For those people who just cannot resist the temptation to hurl epithets at their enemies in on-line communications, the Citizens Media Law Center has just published their legal guide to anonymous and pseudonymous internet speech. This is an invaluable tool for those wishing to keep their identities hidden while they lob verbal grenades at their fellow trolls. Unfortunately, it’s only good for the US at the moment.

This guide has everything! Take, for instance, the section Responding to Correspondence Threatening Legal Action. This is full of helpful information, such as “Check to see who sent the letter.” [Okay, I’m a bit snarky here – and I fear the folks at Harvard are talking down to us normal people.]

Seriously, though – the CMLP is a superb organization, and if you’re spending any time at all in internet-based communication, you ought to have this website in your faves.


2 Responses to “Legal Guide to Anonymous Speech”

  1. So you’re sayin’ I shouldn’t leave my web address and name under my slander?

  2. Well you can, but then you miss the fun of the chase.

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