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Thank God for YouTube. Just this morning, a random event cause an old Jerry Lewis bit to pop into my head. From the movie Errand Boy, Lewis does a pantomime to Count Basie’s fabulous Blues In Hoss Flat. The bit, called Chairman of the Board, is an elegant example of comedic genius, without a single spoken word. […]

Risk Taking


A few months back, Abby Sunderland, a 15-year-old Californian, was plucked from the Indian Pacific after a ferocious ocean storm ended her attempted solo circumnavigation of the globe. She was following in the wake of her older brother, Zac, the first person under 18 years old to do the same thing, and 16-year-old Australian Jessica […]

Thin Skin


In the course of my daily reads, I sometimes follow one or two of the discussions that occur in the LinkedIn groups for writers, editors, etc. There’s a little too much breast-beating and chest-thumping a lot of the time, and this is the subject of today’s little rant. A few days ago, a discussion was […]

Rhinoceros Hide


On one of the writers websites where I lurk, a fellow showed up one day asking why agents couldn’t take the time to give an aspiring writer a one or two word explanation for the rejection of his query. He’d been trying for ten years to find an agent to represent his “epic fantasy,” a […]