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One day early in September, 1970, my brother drove me to Andover, Massachusetts, helped me unload my stuff and left me standing on the sidewalk outside my new home – a dormitory. I wore shoulder-length hair, an olive Mickey Mouse tee shirt, bellbottom jeans and black PF Flyer sneakers. I spent three riotous years at […]

It’s a good thing I don’t have a lisp, this could get embarrassing. Worse than Thithton Thithtertinton.* Now then – I thought it would be fun to post the first 7 sentences of Diary of a Small Fish, because the opening underwent a final transformation immediately prior to submission to publishers. The explanation is worth […]

So all week long I’ve had this niggling feeling that I forgot something. Hat, gloves, mortgage payment. Something. No! I forgot to post 7 suspenseful sentences in keeping with my participation in the newly-launched Suspenseful Seven Sentence Sunday. So maybe I’ll ad lib and do Fufpenful Five Fentenfe Friday. Or something. Here is the opening […]