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Today, I had a lovely duck confit for lunch at the St. Botolph Club (since 1880 a refuge for Boston’s cultural and political luminaries), at the corner of Commonwealth Avenue and Exeter Street. The Club’s first members were a diverse lot. Some were luminaries of letters, such as William Dean Howells and John Boyle O’Reilly. […]

Okay, I lied.   I’ve been having fun with the website, making a funny spoof of Diary of a Small FIsh. See what you think.  

Following the oft-inveighed advice to network and expand my platform, I participate in many social media-type forums. So many of them are really, really great.  Some of them are quite useless. Yet, like the spectator of a horrific train accident, I am drawn back to them. Sometimes it is simply to marvel at the utter […]