Dramatic New Promotion!


Okay, I lied.


I’ve been having fun with the xtranormal.com website, making a funny spoof of Diary of a Small FIsh. See what you think.



5 Responses to “Dramatic New Promotion!”

  1. Sounds like your tyoical lawyer or pollitician

  2. Okay, so I can’t spell. So sue me.
    Hold it, you just might.

  3. 3 M M Bennetts

    Ha ha ha. Laughing very hard.

    You need to start work on a new book, sunshine, if this is what you’re doing with your Saturday afternoons!

  4. Hi Pete
    Not a comment exactly, more a contact as I don’t have your email address.

    I received a Friend request from you on FB and while I am reluctant to deny it out of hand I’m wondering how you came across me as it seemed a bit out of the blue. I gather you are no longer on Authonomy but people I know have spoken highly of you.

    All that waffle to say – what? – give me a clue? – you think I’m a good looking chick? – you love my book and want to push it all the way to the top?
    None of the above

    • 5 Pete

      Hi Tonia, afraid it’s not that intriguing. Common friends, just selectively expanding the FB network. You know how FV has that little window in the upper right corner that tells you who your common friends are? That thing.

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