Uneasy Living


Over the course of the past 3 years, like most writers I’ve responded to all sorts of writing contests and competitions, whether for reward or just plain fun. Some of them have had humble success – say, published in an anthology not assembled by mainstream editors. I realized not long ago that they were all rather melancholy. I didn’t set down to write a string of downer stories, one after another. I only realized when I looked at them together that I’d been barfing out a lot of grief, and lo and behold, this must have been the way I dealt with the grief of losing both of my parents. Diary of a Small Fish – the beginning of my little fiction foray –  was begun less than six months after my father passed away in August of 2007.

So as Step Two in the grand scheme to get stuff out there, I have self-published six of the stories in an anthology called Uneasy Living, which is now available on Smashwords and Amazon for a mere 99 cents.

Feel free to tell me how maudlin and sentimental I am. I’ve heard it all before.


8 Responses to “Uneasy Living”

  1. 1 M M Bennetts

    I don’t find you maudlin. Though it’s always a shock to discover that one is rather more serious-minded than one has previously thought. (I’d always thought of myself as quite cheerful–until I read my last book.)

  2. I thought maudlin and sentimental were required in a writer? I know being a masochist certainly is.

  3. The stories sound like they might be interesting.
    Converting to MOBI is easy. If I can do it anyone can

  4. 4 Dr Anne

    Hi Peter, Congrats on this publication.
    I read the first bits of the first 2 stories and like them a lot.
    They are both well written, and each has its own distinctive voice.


  5. 5 Malc

    Uneasy Living, on Smashwords. Haven’t got Kindle. Yes, I could read excerpts but I’m not an excerpt kind of guy. If I’m rollicking along in the story and the excerpt cuts me short – librus interruptus. Still waiting for any of your work to appear on Amazon, Pete. Can I buy a physical Fish anywhere yet?

    Quickie: I’m uneasy about the cover art. It’s effective (one of Jim’s?) but I wish that woman would cover herself up. Is it a woman? or androgynous? Am I too square to fit in? … I mean, I get it. It’s meant to make you feel uneasy. Thing is, I’d open an anthology entitled Uneasy Living, but I’d do so hoping to grasp at some higher understanding of life achieved through stories of extreme or prolonged uneasiness. I don’t actually want to be made uneasy. Fine if there’s a philosophy to compensate. But don’t drag me down and leave me there.


    • 6 Pete

      I rarely know what to make of you, Malc. The painting is by Jean-Jacques Henner, 19th century, entitled “Solitude.” The subject is Mary Magdalene.

      I wouldn’t have taken you for one who looks at a classic nude and tut-tuts.

  6. Awesome, Pete. My Kindle is ready when your formatting is!


  7. 8 pete

    Cat – do you find formatting probs? Or are you referring to that other piece of work?

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