Coming soon to a pond near you!




11 Responses to “Coming soon to a pond near you!”

  1. Diary of a Small Fish is now out? Cool.

  2. Very cute, Pete. Did you do it yourself? Rick

  3. Erm, nooooo, Lindsay, it isn’t out now, it’s “coming soon.” Sheesh.

    Yes, Rick. It’s a very easy program to work with, and a lot of fun, too.

  4. Coming soon like-christmas, global warming, lower taxes, politicians that aren’t caught with their pants down. Good. In ebook or paper?

  5. This is hilarious. Am posting.

  6. 6 Sian

    Ha, that’s an absolute hoot! Nice one.

  7. 7 Dr Anne

    Cute peter!

  8. Better than some amateur actors I know. Nice one, Pete.

  9. You’re such a jerk. You better pack a toothbrush and a soap-on-a-rope. bwahahaha

  10. 10 Malc

    Not long till my birthday. (October 1.) (Just sayin’.) Any of you lot come across pope-on-a-rope? A pontiff-like sculpted purple soap bar…. Available, apparently, on a rope. If you can’t get that I’ll make do with a signed copy of D of a Small F.

    Do you take Visa?

  11. You make my day!

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