The Fish Swims


   Diary of a Small Fish has finally made it to market.

A project that began as an amusement, a hobby, in February of 2008, enters a new phase.

It’s all fine and dandy that friends and acquaintances have read your novel and been complimentary about it. The true measuring stick is whether people will buy it. How interesting it will be to see!

The Acknowledgments don’t even scrape the surface of my gratitude for all of the encouragement and support I’ve received during the past three years. You all know who you are.

Now I’ve got to put my Chief Marketing Officer hat on and go to work.

If you read it, please don’t be bashful about leaving a review.

If you don’t read it, fake it.

Small Fish for KINDLE users

Small Fish for NOOK users

Small Fish for SMASHWORDS & APPLE users


9 Responses to “The Fish Swims”

  1. And so it begins…

    Congrats on this step, Pete. We’re behind you all the way!

  2. I’ve taken my first step — sharing this on Facebook — and will also post a piece on The Elephant’s Bookshelf.

    As Cat said, we’re behind you all the way.

  3. Yay!! My post will be up tonight or tomorrow! Looking forward to reading it myself 🙂

  4. 4 Sian

    Have done my bit at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Couldn’t get Smashwords to work. Onwards and upwards!

  5. 5 Malc

    OK, already. I’m off to buy a Kindle.

    Good luck to Diary of a Small Fish and all who sail in her.

  6. Malc, the paperback is out next week, but afraid it’s prohibitive to get it to you. The shipping is more than the book.

  7. Congrats!

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