Looking for a Dynamic Duo


imagesI suffer from a severe lack of efficiency in the novel writing process. And I’ve decided what to do about it.

Some writers are story makers, some are story tellers. Some musicians are songwriters, some are lyricists. I’ve always felt free and exhilarated being the story teller, the lyricist. I struggle mightily to make the story or write the music. A novel every 3 years isn’t going to cut it. I need to find a way to do 2 a year and make them count.

I know there are crime and mystery fiction writers out there who relish story making. They just have that kind of mind, they can invent a complete story line in three days. But perhaps they’re not as in love with the process of creating characters and settings and driving the story down the Storybook Highway.

If I want to produce more than one or two novels before I shed my mortal coil, I need a collaborator. I need a story inventor. Perhaps a professional liar.

So – if you are a crime or mystery story maker, but not a story teller, if you love inventing stories but not bringing them to life, let’s talk. If you know a story maker who might consider such an arrangement, forward this to him or her. I’m fun to work with, I have no ego worth defending, and I adore the idea of collaborating.

I can’t wait to see what happens!


10 Responses to “Looking for a Dynamic Duo”

  1. 1 thatguywhocallshimselfcarlos

    Ha ha–sorry Pete–I’d love to help, but my production record is dubious at best–one published (whether or not completed) indie novel in 33 years. Good luck.

  2. 2 Pete

    Yes, well…you’re one hell of a critic, anyway, Tony.

  3. 3 Peter R

    Let me know if I can do anything to help.

  4. 4 Jamy Madeja

    No ego worth defending? You lie…

    Jamy Buchanan Madeja, Esq.
    Buchanan & Associates
    33 Mount Vernon St
    Boston MA 02108
    617 227 8410 office
    617 256 8491 cell

  5. Ugh. I know on some level I love writing, but it seems that I no sooner get finished with the plotting when my mind wants to get started on the next one. I’m bored. The story is out. I know how it’s going to end. Let’s move on. Grrr.
    This isn’t the way to make money, though. So I have to bite the bullet and write the book. *sigh* It doesn’t help that the novel I’ve been struggling with might actually be a trilogy… *head desk*

  6. It’s an interesting offer, Pete, but I don’t write crime or mystery. Although your post did made me think of an intriguing mystery/crime plot…

  7. 9 Pete

    Must have a Batman theme

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