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A few weeks have passed since Susanne and I announced our collaboration, and I wish to report that the process so far has been superb. Through a series of emails and Skype conversations, we have tweaked and embellished the plot and put up >10,000 words. At this rate, we’d be done with a draft by […]

  Well, there’s an old saying about not knowing from whence your next opportunity may come. When I put out the word last month that I was looking for a writing partner, I had it in my mind that I would find someone who was (a) male, (b) American, and (c) a crime or mystery […]

In this Sunday night’s (May 11th) episode of the wildly popular Mad Men, the producer and narrator of Diary of a Small Fish (audio), Keith Sellon-Wright, makes his first appearance. He will play a character in a scene about which he cannot say a word. He points out that it’s always good when his scenes […]