A story is born


A few weeks have passed since Susanne and I announced our collaboration, and I wish to report that the process so far has been superb.

Through a series of emails and Skype conversations, we have tweaked and embellished the plot and put up >10,000 words. At this rate, we’d be done with a draft by the end of August. More importantly for me, though, is that we have a road map that shows me the signposts ahead, and I feel no anxiety that I may take a wrong turn and end up hip deep in a peat bog.

So, here’s a bit about our story:

Finola Murphy is a political reporter for a Dublin newspaper. Shortly after a friendly TD (member of Irish parliament) tells her he has some sensitive information to share with her, he is pushed in front of a train on his way to work. Finola knows enough to suspect that her friend had some information implicating a high-ranking member of the Irish legislature (the Oireachtas) in some sort of corruption. Devoted to her friend and his widow, Finola is keen to solve the murder.

At the same time, Paul Forté has a new client, a software company in Massachusetts that is involved in a contentious bidding process for a lucrative sate contract. His 800 lb. gorilla competition is an Irish software company whose Boston lobbyist (a former colleague of Paul) has enlisted the assistance of some powerful politicians to help it get the contract – by whatever means necessary. Paul needs to find out where the fix is, and prevent it from happening.

The story bounces back and forth between Ireland and Boston, as Paul and Finola each investigate their own ends of the story until they discover their common interests and combine forces. The point of view alternates between Finola and Paul (in 3rd person).

Influence peddling, blackmail, bid rigging, more murder, and a satisfying climax ensue (along with am amusing relationship between Finola and Shannon).

The story development has occurred almost without effort. The collaboration has been easy, free, and (so far) without disagreement. And it’s a great deal of fun!

When I first registered as a member at Authonomy in late 2008, I had no idea what to expect. The friendships and contacts I made there have been a constant source of satisfaction and pride since then – and this is the latest example. I can hardly wait until we have something to show you.


6 Responses to “A story is born”

  1. Thank you, Pete. I can only add that I’m so happy I gave you that nudge a couple of weeks ago. I never thought it would come to this and I never thought we’d be so on the same wavelength. I’m also amazed at the speed at which we’ve created this story and that you write as fast as I do (even faster at times). What seemed like an impossible combination is turning out to be so very possible and also such fun! By Skyping and e-mailing we have mapped out a story line that is turning out to be really different. The Boston-Ireland connection is what does it for me. No disagreements yet, which is in itself amazing, as you know how I can get a little testy at times… But I don’t see any of that happening at all. Except perhaps when I can’t stop laughing during a long Skype session…

  2. 2 Rick Halpern

    Congratulations, Pete, and best of luck. Rick

  3. I have to say that I was sceptical about the possibilities of such a collaboration. I am delighted that it is working out. I’m having a chat with Jo Rowling this afternoon.

  4. Go Team, GO!

  5. We are, Christine! Writing like mad.

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