Plagiarism and Petulance


In the most recent display of mind-boggling dishonesty, one indie author who goes by the pen name of Sam Taylor Mullens has been caught plagiarizing from a 20 year old novel written by Rachel Ann Nunes.

When Ms. Nunes discovered the plagiarism, she gave the author an opportunity to explain herself, and she got back a lot of malarkey (she wasn’t smart enough to have her story straight, so she offered two completely different ones) – which Rachel lays out in detail at the link above. Apparently, Mullen was also trying to “destroy the evidence” by asking her ARC recipients to delete the file ebook file she’d forwarded to them, and not turn one over to Nunes. (This reminds me of Tiger Woods, don’t ask me why.)

Not to be content with mere copyright infringement, cover-up and sheer intellectual sloth, the author then had several anonymous minions (hint: could it have been the plagiarist herself?) carpet bomb Ms. Nunes’ books with phony one-star reviews, replete with snarky trash talk.

Annnnnnd, since she hadn’t been satisfied with her treachery thus far, one of her fangirls, one “Bethany Booklover Johnson,” began spreading the false allegation among the indie author community that one of Mullen’s chosen ARC recipients, a book blogger, had been “selling ARCS.”

I would like to express my unbridled contempt for Sam Taylor Mullen and her conscienceless minions, who’ve done more to damage the reputation of independent publishing than any awful erotica or cookie-cutter paranormal romance ever could.

I encourage other authors to make their feelings know as well.




9 Responses to “Plagiarism and Petulance”

  1. 2 Loralee Evans

    Rachel Nunes is a great writer, and a great person. I think it’s awesome that you posted this.

  2. It’s nauseating when something like this comes to light. Thanks for bringing it to my attention, Pete. I will re-post it on my blog.

  3. Pete, I mean my other blog, Soooz Says Stuff..

  4. Reblogged this on Ruth Nestvold – Indie Adventures and commented:
    In case you haven’t heard about it yet, another amazing plagiarism case has come out involving Rachel Ann Nunes and someone who calls herself Sam Taylor Mullens. This post has some pertinent links. You can also read more in the comments on The Passive voice here:

  5. And she and her sock puppets are still at. Infuriates me.

  1. 1 Prose and Cons: A Plagiarist Faces the Judge

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