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Among the many invocations piled upon the aspiring writer, “write what you know” is usually close to the top. Like most of them, this one can be overly interpreted to the absurd (in either direction); but in the main, I think it’s pretty good advice for Big Issues. I know a lot about the law and […]

I almost bit


(eh, no – but this one is so obtuse, you really have to wonder.) Lottery Winners International Corporate Citizenship Programmers {jack Port} With *World Bank*                           Congratulations!!! Ref: 990078567 Batch:9056490602/333 Winning no:FB8701/LPRC Ticket number: 98706172507056490902 Serial number: 7541137207  Attn     Compliment of the Season […]

Several mornings a week, I spend 30 to 45 minutes on an Elliptical jogging machine, getting the old ticker working, burning off a bit of the dinner wine, firing the synapses in my aging muscles. As with most folks, I have established a routine, which includes reading the current novel in the Kindle queue (last […]

If I may be permitted the occasional opportunity to crow, I woke up this morning to this link, supplied to me by my co-author, Susanne O’Leary: It might be only a fleeting instance, no one can predict these things. But I do know that, for this brief moment in time, everything you do to work […]