Half Irish Ready For Launch


Susanne O’Leary and I are ready to launch our second (and final) Irish episode in the adventures of Paul Forte and Shannon McGonigle. Half Irish finds Paul, Shannon and Finola McGee drawn into a strange conspiracy involving and Irish American Half Irish Cover MEDIUM WEBbusinessman, a has-been Irish politician, a high ranking diplomat, and a their connection to string of dead Irish immigrant worker. The back cover tells it:

When an immigrant Irish roofer plummets to his death from a South Boston building, lawyer Paul Forte steps in to settle the man’s presumably meager estate, as a favor to his friend, Dublin reporter Finola McGee. A routine probate matter, he thought, until he discovers the penthouse condo, the top-of-the-line Harley and credit card statements reflecting a fondness for Las Vegas. 

In Ireland, Finola’s human interest story about the tragedy prompts several Irish widows to inform her of similar accidents in the States. In each case, the laborers had been beneficiaries of CRAIC, an Irish “charity” run by ex-politician Finbarr Murphy; their lives had been insured for substantial amounts; and their widows did not receive what they were due. 

When insidious political forces (and a little blackmail) impel her editor to silence her, Finola smells another big story. She is convinced CRAIC is another word for scam. 

As Paul and Finola team up once again to plumb the depths of Irish treachery, secrets are divulged, privileges violated, punches thrown, loyalties shredded and bombs ignited; but it takes a meddling amateur to unmask the saboteur.

We’ve had a blast writing Full Irish and Half Irish, and I thank Susanne for her always classy and good humored collaboration. This may be the last of Paul and Shannon. For the moment I am on to something very new and different, which might involve a new female heroine here in Boston.

Half Irish can be pre-ordered for its November 17th release.


One Response to “Half Irish Ready For Launch”

  1. 1 Susanne O'Leary

    Thank you, Pete. It was great fun! Working with you has been a unique experience. I wish you the best of luck with your next venture. Looking forward to seeing it on the virtual shelves.

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