A Boston Irish Crime Trio


Thanks to my co-author, Susanne O’Leary, for creating this cool page!


In 2011, Pete Morin published his first legal crime novel, Diary of a Small Fish. Following the success of this book, Pete asked me to co-write another crime novel, and we had no problem finding a suitable hero- Paul Forté, the likable main character of his first book. This time, in the book that was to become Full Irish, the plot links Boston and Ireland in a corruption scandal that takes Paul, Shannon and Irish reporter Finola McGee on a wild chase around Ireland, bouncing back and forth across the pond.

This was so much fun to write that we decided to create a second Boston-Irish story with the title Half Irish- equally full of mayhem and political shenanigans.

As a result of our efforts, laughs and a little bit of well-humored bickering, we have this trilogy-or triptych- to offer lovers of legal/political suspense stories. Although each book is a stand-alone story, they are linked by the main character of the first book. Below you will find a short description of each book and links to the e-book store of your choice.

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