About This Man

I am the product of two families of lawyers. My mother’s father was a judge; my father, his three brothers and their father, all lawyers. They had a law firm called Morin, Morin, Morin & Morin. Mo-Mo, is was affectionately called. They were iconoclasts, all – French Canadian Catholics in a profession and city controlled by Brahmins. And boy did they have to fight for their business! That is the subject of a short story for later.

So anyway, I am a lawyer, too, although that’s something that I do, not who I am. This site is intended to demonstrate that I am also a writer – a writer of fiction, short and long. A writer of music lyrics. A player of the blues guitar (1992 American Stratocaster). A fan of others’ works, in art, literature. I’ll leave it to you all to determine if it’s true.

I live on the seacoast south of Boston in a small town called “Scituate,” in a 110 year old house that looks it. I have two children, both of majority age, and a remarkably beautiful wife who puts up with me, most of the time with a grace and patience I don’t deserve.


18 Responses to “About This Man”

  1. 1 John Saxon

    It IS all true! I can already see your future career as an author taking place, and I’m pleased to be lucky enough to witness it’s birth.

    The name of your family business Mo,Mo& Mo, reminds me of an old Archie Bunker sketch, where Archie is searching for a good company to represent him:

    ‘How about this one,’ says his wife. ‘Rabinowitz, Rabinowitz and Rabinowitz?’

    ‘Hmm,’ Archie considers. ‘Rabinowitz, Rabinowitz and ….. what was that last one?’

    • LOL! I don’t remember that one, John – but it’s a good one. Thanks for your always kind words and support. You may, of course, have a signed copy and a ticket to the movie premier when it opens in London.

  2. 3 Michael Strahm

    Reminds me of Abe Cohen, who during his immigration to the US was advised to changed his name…as not to be associated with with any controversial religious group. So he changed his name to Abe Rabinowitz….

    Honored to be on the distribution list.


  3. 4 Phillipa

    I like the Rabinowitz joke. The story about stopping writing your fathers memoirs intrigues me.

  4. 5 dan weadock

    Interesting Peter. Thanks for the invite. Iconoclasts. I love it. I consider myself the same in this tight ass town.
    Would love to hear you play some night. And best wishes on this new adventure.

  5. 6 Malc

    Stopping by to wish you all the best, Pete. My email addy for you doesnae seem to work so I’m reduced to this public display of esteem.

  6. 7 danno

    Uncle Pete, I just signed up for your blog here.
    You forgot to mention your kick ass niece in your mini bio, but I’ll let that one slide.

  7. 8 Malc

    OK, Pete. So you are currently scituated in a ruined Boston lighthouse where your children outvote you and Mrs. Pete, Grace to her friends, beats you at patience. You come from a line of filmstar counsellors to the Hindu mafia. Black sheep of the family, you write shorthand while whistling. This site demonstrates your Christmas wish for a new guitar, certain nebulous talents, and that you have catholic taste in books and such. (Probably.)

    How straight have I got this?

  8. Scituate?? I wonder if it’s the house I almost bought close to 30 years ago and then decided (for reasons best kept to myself, I guess) not. Small world. Anyway, I was here looking for a contact address so I could send you Anthony Burgess’ 2-volume autobiography. Guess you’ll have to buy it yourself. ~~j.

  9. 10 Dave Clark

    Pete: My sister’s father-in-law was Harry Trask. My brother-in-law, Mark, is on the Cohasset fire department. I was just down in Duxbury on Saturday for their annual pool bash. If you ever hear of the Grab Brothers (out of P-town) do check them out; they’re close friends.

  10. Hi Peter, pleased to meet you from Italy! I hope to see your works translated into italian soon!

  11. How many years did it take to learn who you are (NT the doer)?

  12. I am writing a book about a wife, and her husband. I worked for 25 yrs between two states. My husband worked for Dps ~ State Trooper of 35yrs. Just because i have no respect for my husband in his uniform, that i would never disrespect our troopers in there’s. Everyone at DPS helped me. What he did in uniform, took away the integrity of his dept. A mild manner trooper, ha. Thats not what is being written. These storied are true.

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