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All Blues


[This was submitted to a local literature group’s “blue” contest.] “Curacao,” I told her. “Curacao? What the fuck is that?” “A shade of blue.” “Bullshit. It’s some gay liqueur.” “Yah, but it’s blue. Curacao blue.” She rolled her eyes. “It’s not a fucking color name. It’s a blue liqueur. You’re thinking of cerulean.” She passed […]

I was thrilled to hear from Greg McQueen that his 100 Stories for Haiti project has succeeded in reaching its goal – and that my short short story, The Messenger, was selected for inclusion. The website tells all about the project, but essentially, 100 stories from authors all over the world have been compiled into an […]

Side Show


This “flash fiction” thing is growing on me – in a flash. Great practice, really hones all of the skills. I particularly like the fact that the publications call the “theme” and you have to write to it, so you have to focus and train your imagination to go somewhere different each time. This piece […]



This is a story that was originally over 3,000 words, and I found a publication that was looking for things like this – not the usual flash with the surprise ending but something with emotion and introspection throughout it. The problem was, the word limit was 1,000. So, could I cut a 3,000+ word story […]