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I don’t write (and try not to think too much) about politics these days, for health reasons. So this has been a stressful few months, what with this Donald Trump stooge making a mockery of what I thought couldn’t be more of a mockery already. It seems there is no end to his willingness to […]

This is going to sounds a little weird, but stay with me. My routine Thursday nights involves taking my guitar to The Next Page Cafe in Weymouth, where an exceptional open mic blues jam happens. The host, Willie J. Laws, and his amazing band mates, Malcolm Stuckey (bass) and Osi Brathwaite (drums), are jaw dropping […]

It looks like this Thanksgiving-Christmas holiday season is going to be Full Irish. This political suspense novel marks the return of Paul and Shannon Forté, several years after they had moved to Carmel following Paul’s acquittal on corruption charges. It also introduces Finola McGee, the brassy political editor of the Irish Telegraph, Dublin’s second biggest […]

For my biannual post on writing craft, I shall simply repeat three sentences: Omit needless words. Resist the urge to explain. Value the reader’s time. Thanks for the reminder, Kristen Lamb.

A new solicitation, with more detail: I am seeking a fellow writer of crime/mystery fiction to collaborate on up to a dozen novels during the next 4-5 years. I am looking for a natural plotter whose talent is building the framework for a complete story – beginning, middle and end. We would then collaborate on […]

At this moment, I sit at a bar in JFK awaiting my connecting flight back to Boston after 4 days at Bouchercon 2012 in Cleveland. I am physically and emotionally exhausted. It’s a great feeling. I submit my report: Day One – My late afternoon arrival allowed me just enough time to check into The […]

Well, okay, not the law per se. Reading my weekly legal newspaper (Mass Lawyers Weekly) is rarely this entertaining. One John Queenan sought to buy himself some alcohol at a local package store (that’s the New England idiom for liquor store). Detecting that Mr. Queenan was unsteady on his feet, the female attend demurred. Queenan […]